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Qualified Supervisor for MHC Registered Interns

Guiding You Towards Licensure, One Step at a Time

As a MHC Qualified Supervisor since 2023, I’m deeply committed to supporting the well-being and professional growth of all my supervisees. Together, we will explore any clinical struggles your may face, questions or concerns your may have throughout your journey towards licensure and to achieve your full potential as a Mental Health Counselor.

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What I Provide

Individual Supervision


Individual supervision is the simplest form of clinical supervision; it entails one supervisor interacting with one supervisee, focusing on both supervisee and client concerns.

As your supervisor, I will create a safe and collaborative environment, constantly show positive regard towards my supervisee and guide you in times of difficulty with his or her clients. Supercision will have a careful focus on "new counselor anxiety" to ensure safety of client and overall effectiveness and confidence of the supervisee.

Finally, the supervisee will be provided with a road-mad of his or her development progress based on stages of growth throughout supervision, which will include a "check-in" for Core Competencies categories.

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Support Group Meeting

Group Supervision


An integral factor of effective group supervision is having a cohesive group of supervisees who are willing to work collaboratively together to craft a dynamic, interpersonal supervision experience in which all participating parties benefit from the interaction.

Group supervision also provides supervisees with numerous perspectives to consider when engaging in case conceptualization.

If you are interested in having a chat and learning more about my services, email or text at (954) 205-9891, to schedule a consultation to explore your specific goals and identify if we are a good fit!

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